Isolated Brazilian Tribe Beauty Secrets Discovered

 The Story

The Amazon Rain-forest, greater than half the size of U.S. territory, is the largest tropical forest in the world and is the land of the Amahuaca. 

They are also known as the YORA. A millenary tribe that roams the mystic Amazon River.

For centuries, they have combined natural elements such as roots, berries, tree bark, and oil, to produce organic ingredients for the body.

Their powerful ancient knowledge of creating mixtures has been passed down through generations, ensuring that descendants have the ultimate guide of essential solutions used for beauty and wellness.In their language, YORA means people – and to us, our people… our tribe…deserve the best ingredients whether it is a product for your hair or skin, each and every product that we put on our bodies, has the power to change how we feel, to boost our confidence and self-worth.

Over the past few decades, we have incorporated the ancient knowledge of the local indigenous people with techniques that maximize the potential of sustainable ingredients, creating organic recipes and eco-friendly products that deliver high performance, while enhancing beauty and wellness.In the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of tips and recipes on how to take advantage of organic ingredients that will improve your lifestyle.

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